Moving Images

Final project NCAD HDip year 1 2021

This work is an exploration of ways of using light and time intervals to turn images and shapes into movement. Using vintage imagery and found footage, the process of the development of photography and film is reinterpreted.

By combining antique mechanical equipment and the technologies of modern times I have created a kinetic sculpture. I deconstructed the flight of a seagull that was originally captured on 8mm film in the last century. Using melted polymer and acetate I created individual translucent frames in low relief and arranged them in a ring. A gramophone rotates the device and the frames are illuminated by laser, reanimating the historical bird.

This is layered with anamorphic images created from wire. From above the arrangement is reminiscent of an iris. A hand made handheld projector inverts the concept of a pinhole camera and casts images from the past into the present.

I have combined these elements into a short film. The layers of visual intrigue defy easy interpretation and the cryptic footage leaves questions unanswered. This work generates impressions of loss and regret embedded in a device with mysterious mechanisms.